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Soft Tissue Therapy

STT covers the treatment of all the soft tissues with the aim to treat both minor and chronic injuries whether caused through sport or a lifestyle factor. It involves a range of hands-on treatment such as general massage and other, more advanced techniques. 


The aim is to identify the underlying causes of injury through means of assessments and special tests, and offer long-term improvements to physical wellbeing and injury prevention with sport or lifestyle specific exercise plans or rehabilitation.


* Although a Soft Tissue Therapist’s scope of practice includes an assessment and analysis, we are not qualified to make a diagnosis. Only your GP, osteopath or physiotherapist is qualified to diagnose your condition.

Problems commonly helped by Soft Tissue Therapy:

·    Neck pain and stiffness

·    Tennis/golfers elbow

·    Shoulder pain

·    Back pain

·    Plantar fasciitis

·    Sciatica 

·    Headaches & migraines

·    Postural issues that cause pain or dysfunction

·    Muscular injuries (strain)

·    Joint injury (sprain)

·    Fibromyalgia

Photo from a myofascial cupping treatment

Soft Tissue Therapy (1hr) - £60

Advanced techniques:

- Muscle Energy Techniques

- Soft Tissue Release

- Myofascial Release

- Dry Cupping

- Assisted Stretching

- Joint Mobilisation

- Trigger Points

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